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One of four fluorescence detector buildings at the Pierre Southern Observatory.


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The New Mexico Center for Particle Physics (NMCPP) facilitates and helps coordinate the diverse research programs in Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics and Particle AstroPhysics in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131, USA. The current research programs include searches for rare decays and studies of QCD including the E926 and PHENIX experiments at Brookhaven National Lab (BNL), particle theory, searches for neutrino oscillations (i.e. evidence for neutrino mass) in the CHOOZ and KamLAND experiments, studies of physics at the highest collider energies including the CDF experiment at Fermi National Lab (Fermilab) and the ATLAS experiment at CERN, and studies of the highest energy cosmic rays including the High Resolution Fly's Eye experiment in Utah and the Pierre Auger experiment in Argentina. Several of these programs are carried out in close cooperation with research groups at Los Alamos National Laboratory. While the experiments are based at major laboratories or at cosmic ray and underground laboratories, substantial experiment design, instrumentation R&D, experiment construction and data analysis are done on campus. The NMCPP supports excellent laboratory, mechanical and electronics shop, and computation facilities. High speed telecommunications (Internet II ... very fast) effectively link UNM to the experiments and to universities and laboratories in the US and abroad.

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